Keep your websites secure from attacks and accidents.

Increase conversion and build loyalty with a website that’s secure and available. Our 99.99% Uptime Guarantee is made possible with Enterprise-grade security and backups. With an intelligent herd-immunity firewall, daily malware scanning, pruning, and hourly cloud backups, you’re covered from every base.

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Your data is always safe in the cloud — no need to restore the whole website, only what you need.

Every website on Smilii is backed up nightly to the Acronis Cloud. Saving your subscription to the cloud ensures that your backups are always accessible and in pristine condition, should downtime occur. 

 Accessing the integrated backup manager allows granular, self-service file management. This means that you can choose specifically which websites, individual files, mailboxes, or databases to restore from any backup date.

Nightly to the cloud

Every night, Smilii securely transfers all of your website data to the Acronis Cloud. This automated process guarantees up-to-date backups, ensuring your digital assets are protected and easily recoverable at any time.

Granular restoration

With Smilii’s precise recovery options, restore exactly what you need—be it a single file, a mailbox, or a database. Selective restoration streamlines your recovery process, saving time and resources.

Unified management

Manage all your backups with ease using the integrated backup manager. One central location for a clear view and quick access to all your stored data, whenever you need it.

Own your data. Hourly remote backups to your Google Drive, Dropbox, or Amazon S3.

Every subscription has pre-configured nightly cloud backups — these backups are stored and managed by Smilii & Acronis. That’s a good start, but it’s smart to have your own backups. Smilii has built-in infrastructure that allows up to hourly remote, granular backups saved to storage of your choosing. Smilii has no access to these backups; they’re fully yours.

Our intelligent panel is configured to work with Google Drive, Dropbox, S3, and S/FTP. Manage your remote backups from within the Smilii Panel down to specific websites, individual files, mailboxes, or databases. Cool, right?

On-demand and precise scheduling

Take control of your data with flexible, on-demand and scheduled remote backups; configure hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly backups, accommodating your unique needs without restrictions. Choose to backup mail, files, databases, or everything. Exclude specific files, and save to remote services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and S3. Schedule your backups down to the minute or instantly backup before a big change. The options are endless. 

Empowered, not limited

No other service provider on Earth offers the backup options that Smilii does. If they hold the keys to your data, you’re stuck with them; that’s their logic — but not ours. We asked ourselves, “How would we like to manage our own backups?”

This was our dream backup solution: 

So we built exactly that for our customers.

Your data, owned by you

Never be left without your data again. It’s a story we’ve heard a million times: “They promised my website was safe but then I had a billing issue and my website was deleted. I never got my files back.”

Don’t let this be you.

Always backup your websites to your own, external storage. 

Smilii makes it simple to own your data with easy, 1-click options to backup to Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, and S/FTP. Schedule up to hourly backups to your remote storage providers and even backup on-demand.

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We have 50 websites on Smilii and we keep coming back for their reliability. Our sites have never been faster. Our clients love the hourly backups, and the automated protection system flawlessly detects and resolves issues. It's a game changer.
Elchanan Rotstain
Chief Executive Officer,

Block attacks with proactive, real-time website protection.

Our Protection system features a synergistic blend of Intrusion Prevention and Detection, a robust Web Application Firewall, cutting-edge Real-time Antivirus, fortified Network Firewall, and comprehensive Patch Management. Designed to seamlessly work together, our integrated system provides instant detection, remediation, and resilient protection against the full spectrum of threats targeting websites.

Protect from the known and unknown

Smilii keeps websites safe with real-time script analysis and advanced PHP Immunity technology. Integrating with Web Application Firewall and antivirus for a multi-layered defense, Smilii ensures websites are impervious to attacks. Stay secure with Smilii – your website’s safety is our top priority.

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Legitimate visitors only

WebShield discerns attackers’ real IP addresses amidst CDN and Proxy Traffic, distinguishing them from legitimate users. It grey-lists dubious IPs, deploying splash screens and CAPTCHA challenges to block harmful requests, ensuring your system remains fast and unharmed.

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Intrusion detection and prevention

Smilii’s system protects FTP, SSH, IMAP/SMTP and more with a firewall and Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems. Our IPS uses rules to block both custom and common exploit tools, while the IDS analyzes server logs to ban IPs engaged in suspicious activities, like repeated password failures and exploit attempts.

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Cybersecurity on autopilot. Inbound, outbound, and daily file scanning. Malicious code snipped with surgical precision.

Our built-in cybersecurity suite features a real-time file scanner that actively scans and cleanses any new files uploaded to your system, preventing potential damage from malware.

For additional safety, a background antivirus program routinely sweeps your server to ensure cleanliness and system integrity. A specialized scanner for WordPress databases runs daily, protecting your sites from harmful injections such as malicious JavaScript, iframes, and other content. This multi-layered approach ensures robust protection for your digital environment.

Real-time scanner

Protect your systems from malware with our advanced real-time file scanner. Every file entering your system is scanned, detecting and neutralizing threats. Our scanner mitigates the destructive effects of malware for ultimate system protection. Choose the most efficient and effective solution to prevent security threats. We’ve got your back.

Background detection

We detect and remove harmful malware in the background by performing regular file checks, handling various threats in real-time like viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and ransomware to ensure your business operations and critical information remain secure. This security software is an essential layer of protection to prevent cyber attacks resulting in data loss, system downtime, and other negative impacts.

Enhanced for WordPress

Specifically designed to meticulously examine WordPress sites, our advanced database scanner searches for and identifies any malicious injections, such as unauthorized JavaScript or iframes, along with a variety of other intrusive content types. This tool is essential for maintaining the integrity of your WordPress sites, ensuring that it remains clean, secure, and free from the hidden dangers that can compromise your website’s functionality and the security of your users.

Ensuring your emails are always delivered and spam is kept out.

Our anti-spam and deliverability solution detects spam activity and shields your email credibility. Delivery is enhanced by sending from maintained and whitelisted IPs. Smilii is partnered with MailChannels to ensure your emails reliably reach your customers’ inboxes.

Through advanced algorithms and machine learning, we recognize patterns indicative of spam and intercept excessive outgoing email flows from servers, effectively halting spam before it spreads.

Improved delivery

The MailChannels Outbound Spam Filter significantly enhances email deliverability by intercepting spam messages prior to their exit from our network. It maintains the cleanliness of IP addresses, preventing blacklisting, and secures the successful arrival of your emails in the intended inboxes, free from the spam folder.

Spam filtering

Eliminate unwanted mail with our robust inbound spam filtering system. Effortlessly categorize and purge spam emails, fine-tune your Spam Threshold Score for tailored filtering, and manage your whitelist and blacklist to maintain a clean inbox. Optionally, our automated inbound spam filtering does it all for you.

Secure connection

Secure your email communications with SSL encryption at no cost. SSL safeguards your emails, making them indecipherable to interlopers and ensuring your information remains confidential from malicious entities.

Iron-clad security, hourly backups, the best support.

If all that isn’t enough to make up your mind, we have no hidden fees, and you’re covered by our 30 day no-questions-asked money back guarantee.