Smilii was made for you.

Smilii is a small, family-owned business that offers high-speed hosting services for bloggers, small businesses, and e-commerce stores. Our 24/7 customer service team is dedicated to helping you tailor your online presence. Try us today and experience what good customer service is.


"As a close-knit, family-owned company, we have a unique appreciation for each customer’s individual needs and the challenges they face."

Here at Smilii, we understand the true backbone of our business is you – our valued customers. As a close-knit, family-owned company, we have a unique appreciation for each customer’s individual needs and the challenges they face. Our support team – composed of about 15 dedicated members – is our strength. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide unparalleled, personalized assistance for every customer’s website hosting needs. Knowing how crucial your online presence is in today’s digital age, we put immense emphasis on ensuring your website is accessible, secure, and efficient round-the-clock. Our responsive, knowledgeable support staff is always ready to tackle any hiccups, help you leverage our services to the fullest, and keep your online operations running smoothly. Just as a trusty compass guides a ship through uncharted waters, Smilii is here to navigate you through the digital seascape. Our commitment to your success is unwavering, because when you thrive, so do we.

As a company


Control Panels

We've chosen Plesk as our go-to control panel for shared hosting. This decision wasn't made lightly - Plesk is considered a benchmark in the industry, and we believe in providing our customers with only the best tools available. We've done the tech homework, so you don't have to. By sticking with a platform that's widely recognized and user-friendly, we're ensuring that you spend less time getting to grips with new interfaces and more time perfecting your website. We know that transitions can sometimes be tricky, but with Smilii, we keep it simple - as familiar as the smiley face in our logo. That's just part of our commitment to ensuring you have a seamless, positive experience when you make the smart choice to switch to us.



All of our servers are equipped with cutting-edge NVMe SSDs and 2nd Generation AMD Epyc Zen 2 Processors, ensuring optimal speed, efficiency, and reliability. With this robust combination of hardware, we're able to provide a superior web hosting service that caters to your unique needs and guarantees consistent performance. By choosing Smilii, you're choosing a powerful and reliable foundation for your online presence.


Constantly improving

Since our humble beginnings in 2020, Smilii has thrived as a family-owned entity, growing day by day. We stand strong, entirely self-financed, with not a dime of debt to our name. Our recipe for success? Every cent of our revenue gets funneled straight back into Smilii. This allows us to constantly enhance our services and roll out innovative features, ensuring we are always able to meet and exceed our customers' evolving needs. With Smilii, you're not just choosing a web hosting service; you're becoming part of a continuously improving, customer-centric community.

Our team

We build strong, respectful relationships with customers; you'll feel right at home with us.

Here at Smilii, we're not one of those massive, impersonal hosting companies. We're a lean team of about 15 folks who put in the time and effort to understand your website's unique needs. Every Smilii customer is treated as an individual, with the care and respect we'd give to a close family member. You're not just an account in our system, you're part of the Smilii community. In other words, when you join Smilii, you're not just signing up for web hosting; you're joining a family.

our partners


Yeshourun Rotstain


Yeshourun doesn’t lead from a lofty executive suite. Instead, you’ll find him in the thick of it all, working closely with our team of about 15 individuals, all equally invested in understanding and addressing your website’s needs. Yeshourun champions the notion that every customer is a member of our family, deserving the same level of respect we extend to our loved ones.


Tzvika Vaintrob

Marketing Manager

This savvy Marketing Manager at Smilii combines his creativity and analytical mind to connect our close-knit community with our innovative web hosting services. With Tzvika, it’s all about making meaningful connections.

Noam Rotstain

Noam Rotstain

Account Manager

Smilii’s dedicated Account Manager ensures every client feels like part of the family and that their every need is taken care of. Noam brings together customer needs and Smilii’s robust web services.


You'll be in good hands.